Faith and Religion

Popular faiths and religions:

Nothing inspires greater passion or leads to greater conflict than religion. Those who dedicate their lives to serving the gods are the most obvious manifestations of divine power, but the power of the deities touches the lives of everyone living on Golarion.

The most commonly worshipped deities in Golarion are listed below. There are several other deities worshipped throughout the lands of the Inner sea, but these either minor or malicious in nature…

  • Abadar – God of cities, wealth, merchants and law
  • Calistria – Goddess of trickery, lust and revenge
  • Cayden Cailean – God of bravery, freedom, good and strength
  • Desna – Goddess of dreams, luck, stars and travelers
  • Erastil – God of hunting, farming, family and trade
  • Gorum – God of battle, strength and weapons
  • Gozreh – God of nature, the sea and weather
  • Iomedae – Goddess of valor, justice, rulership and honor
  • Irori – God of history, knowledge and self-perfection
  • Nethys – God of magic
  • Pharasma – Goddess of birth, death, fate and prophecy
  • Sarenrae – Goddess of the sun, honesty, redemption and healing
  • Shelyn – Goddess of beauty, love, music and poetry
  • Torag – God of the forge, protection and strategy


  • Vaath – Goddess of Humor and Irony

Faith and Religion

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