Character Creation

Character Creation:

The “Reclamation – The Stolen Lands” is a fantasy adventure set in the Paizo Publishing campaign world of Golarion. Further information on the setting is provided throughout the Wiki part of this site. The campaign is based on Paizo’s Kingmaker Adventure Path. Playing the full campaign from beginning to end will see characters progress from level 2 to 20.

We will be using Paizo’s new Pathfinder rules to play the campaign. A complete list of the allowable rules is provided in this section of the Adventure Site.

Brief Caveat:

Please do not spend any time on the web researching the Kingmaker campaign. It is a very popular campaign and there are numerous blogs detailing player’s experiences with the game. Reading these blogs will provide significant spoliers game and are likely to detract from your overall enjoyment of the game.

Character Options:

Starting characters can be generated from any of the character types set out in the core Pathfinder rule books, this includes:
* the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game – Core Rulebook;
* the Pathfinder: Advanced Players Guide;
* the Pathfinder: Ultimate Magic; and
* the Pathfinder: Ultimate Combat rule books.

I am very familiar with the character subtypes set out in the Core Rulebook, but less so with some of the archetypes and character types set out in the other three books. Please take the time to have a quick chat (via the character development forum) is probably the best to me about any ideas you wish to use from these books (particularly the last two as I do not own either).

It probably won’t be a problem, I just want to make sure that any ideas will comfortably fit in with the game world. As we progress through the campaign, content from other books/sources may be allowed on a case by case basis. Please discuss any ideas you have with me.

Something to think about:

Without going into too much information about the campaign arc, there is a chance that the characters at some stage will come into positions of leadership. Keeping this in mind, one or two charismatic or inspiring characters may be to the party’s long term benefit.

Further information on the type of characters that might fit well within the campaign, traits and backgrounds can be found in the official Paizo Kingmaker Player’s Guide. This can be downloaded for free from HERE

Characters should follow the standard process for character creation except where detailed below.

Starting Level:

All characters start with exactly 2,500 experience points. Using the medium advancement track, this will place them at just slightly over 2nd level.

Ability Scores:

The Ability Scores of PCs should be generated through the Purchase method (see page 15 of the Core Rulebook). Each character will start with a total of 20 points (High Fantasy) to generate their Ability Scores. These should then be modified by any relevant racial modifiers (see pages 21 to 27 of the Core Rulebook).

Hit Points:

All players will start with the max HP (including any bonuses from Con, feats, etc) for their class at 1st Level. Upon gaining a new Level, characters will roll for HP as normal, but any result that is 50% or less of the maximum roll will be re-rolled. So at 2nd level, characters will have:

  • 1st level – max HP +
  • 2nd level – at least 50% of their max hit points.

Rolling for hit points should be undertaken with the Obsidian Portal dice roller and posted in the character development forum for proof.


Like many Pathfinder campaigns, characters will have the opportunity to select up to two additional “traits” to accompany their usual character feats. Each trait grants a relatively minor bonus to your character that it is inherently linked to their background or starting story.

Example traits are set out in the Advance Players Guide. Other traits are included in the other rule books, some of the Adventure Path Companion Books and the like. I am happy to consider any other Traits sourced from Pathfinder accessories, but I will need to be convinced that it complements your character’s background and is not overly unbalanced.

Hero Points:

Characters will also have access to Hero Points. Hero Points grant your character a resource by which they can influence destiny, or at least have a second chance when they need it most…
Each character begins play with a single Hero Point. This can be used at any time in the game to influence a single dice roll. In using their Hero Point, you need to announce that you are undertaking a heroic action prior to any relevant dice roll being made. Once announced, you can then choose the outcome of that dice roll, eg you can announce a heroic action to automatically roll a 20 on your Fortitude Save.

A Hero Point can only be used once, so you need to carefully pick when and how you use it. However, your Hero Point will be refreshed each time your character gains a level. You cannot “bank” Hero Points, so any points unused when you gain a level are wasted.

Starting Wealth:

All characters will begin the game with the maximum starting wealth for their class (at 2nd level this is 1,000 gp for all characters). This wealth can be used to purchase weapons, armour, starting equipment, etc. It can also be used to buy pets, mounts, masterwork, alchemical and magical items (if you can afford them!).

Some wealth should also be set aside for expenses that will be incurred in the game. A starting kitty of 10 to 12 gold “dragoons” is probably a reasonable starting point for any character. The campaign will also be using the encumbrance rules, so some thought should be given to the combined weight of the items carried by each character.

Items should be purchased from the lists provided in the Core Rulebook and Advanced Players Guide. At this stage, no other rule books or supplements will be allowed. Please note that some traits allow characters to start with additional wealth or special items.

Character Creation

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