"First-Kiss", The swift blade of Alders Lastbreath

An exquisitively crafted longsword.

weapon (melee)

A long slender and highly ornate longsword. It has a deep hilt of red maple-wood that is carved and coloured in the shape of Choral the Conqueror. The hilt is topped with a bronze and gold cross-guard, while the sweeping leaf blade is ornately stained, with numerous ornate bronze and gilded patterns covering the lower half of the blade. The upper half is bereft of ornamentation, but is of a brilliant silver sheen.

The blade is perfectly balanced and deceptively light, slicing through the air with little or no resistance.


The second blade crafted by Sallander Reese, it has become known amongst the lands of Brevoy as “First-Kiss” and is reknown for its speed and deadliness. It was the blade of Alders Lastbreath, four time champion of the Aldori Swordmeets, and was never known to be beaten at the swordmeets. It disappeared from public view after Alders drowned in the Shrike River after a particularly drunken victory celebration. It appears it was taken back by Sallander Reese and moved to his new home at Oleg’s Trading Post.

"First-Kiss", The swift blade of Alders Lastbreath

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