Dasko Harges

Seasoned sargeant of arms for House Javak.


A tall, well built Taldan man in his late 30’s. By all appearances a seasoned and competent warrior, he walks with a deliberate stride and is economical in his movements. His tightly cropped beard and hair appear to have gone prematurely grey, whilst his skin looks weathered and chapped by the elements. Several small scars trace his face and hands. He can usually be found in long knee high campaign boots, practical yet finely made woollens and a mix of well worn armour. A short-sword swings on his left hip, a battered mace on his right. His voice is a deep husky growl that rarely raises above spoken volume.


Dasko is a seasoned sargeant of arms in the service of the Restovian House Javak. He has been sent on ahead of his noble master to Oleg’s Trading Post to oversee the initial exploration of the Stolen Lands.

Dasko Harges

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